Kvällspoesi, by Ylva

En våg av inspiration sköljde över mig när jag satt på en bar vid stranden förut idag. Här är resultatet:

My lyrics are not enough
Feels like I'm out of expressions
Altough I've got so much to tell you
I'm out of my mind, but still
I can see it so clearly
And I'm calling you, dearly
Please stay close to my heart
I'm gonna wrap you in
And save you for a rainy day
Just like the bright blue sky
And the deep blue sea
You are the spirit of freedom
Just like me
A restless soul, but yet so settled
Coming in peace
Like a bird in a cage;
Free to leave but happy to stay
As long as you love me
From dusk to dawn
Let's not hesitate
Let's forget about what we must
And in lust we trust


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